Elevensie’s @ St. Alban’s Sunday 29th May 11:15am

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Gerry’s first Eucharist: Trinity Sunday Service


On Saturday 2songs of praise8th May and Sunday 29th May, the BBC’s Songs of Praise will be filming ‘The Big Church Day Out’ in West Sussex and we’re looking to tell the story of one of its fans.

 Is there a Christian song that has changed the course of your life?

Guvna B, LZ7 and Matt Redman are three of the artists appearing over the weekend; if any of these acts, or any other on the line-up, (http://bigchurchdayout.com/line-up) has made a big impact on you through a particular song, then we’d love to hear from you.

Or, if your faith has changed as a result of going to a previous ‘Big Church Day Out’ – please let us know.

If you’re happy to talk about your story on camera, please email us with a few lines: songsofpraise@bbc.co.uk with ‘Big Church Day Out’ in the subject box, no later than Monday 23nd May.


The Songs of Praise team


St. Alban’s Church

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